warren laine-naida blog post 11 2019 the internet is not free

The Internet is Not Free

CERN announced, on 30 April 1993, that the World Wide Web would be free to use for anyone. Free is a relative term. The Internet has been valued at around 1 Trillion dollars a year. By most standards, a Trillion dollars is a bit north of „Free“.

Everyone Deserves a Website

Everyone Deserves a Good Website

I googled „working for non-profits“, which many of my clients are, and I found results for 5 reasons, 8 reasons, 12 reasons, 19 reasons. I think there is 1 good reason to work for non-profits, small local businesses, and educational organisations.

The Digital 1%

The Digital 1%

Elysium, In Time, Upside Down – some of the many dystopian stories where a small segment of society with access to the best tech (and quality of life) pits itself against the rest (of us) who are relying on outdated tech (and probably living in ghettos). We probably notice the cool tech more than we do […]

2018/03 See Jack Code. See Jane Code. Code Kids Code!

See Jack Code. See Jane Code. Code Kids Code!

We are moving soon to another state; one which has Latin in the school curriculum. Our son is quite good with languages, already speaking English, German, and Russian – but he is a bit worried about Latin (“Where do they speak Latin?”). No one would disagree that Education is good, but we could argue about what an […]

2018/01 Beware of Technology Bearing Gifts

Beware of Technology Bearing Gifts

We have had many discussions with people both for and against having “Alexa” at home or in the office.  Black Friday decided us for the small Echo Dot in the end. I mean, HALF PRICE! Alexa took a few days to train – whether she was training us or we were training her is up for […]