2018/09 Agile, Waterfall, Adaptive, Pert, Lean … and Cake

Agile, Waterfall, Adaptive, Pert, Lean … and Cake

I am often asked how I manage my projects, and which method I prefer. I may be an old Waterfaller at heart, but I don’t think there is so much difference between the many methods – and simply making a cake. In the first step, there are some basic questions you need to answer: WHY […]

2018/08 Your Mobile Phone Just May Save Your Life

Your Mobile Phone Just May Save Your Life

The global eHealth market had $41.52 billion in revenue in 2017 and that is expected to increase to $220.65 billion by 2026. Growing demand for eHealth solutions and services, our use of tablets, smartphones, wearables, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), increasing usage of big data, and the demands of an ageing population are just […]

2017/11 (What is) Responsive Design?

(What is) Responsive Design?

When people talk about a Responsive Website, they are usually talking about one that works well on a mobile phone. Responsive means however, that it should work on any size screen. Even larger ones. There are more than 200 (about) different standard size screens from mobile ohones to desktop screens. What about the screens you […]

2017/10 Marketing Never Sleeps

Marketing Never Sleeps

Trying to figure out what’s the best way to communicate with prospective students? Do you use email or social media?  Do you prefer telephone contact, messaging, or a written letter? What’s the best way for enrolment professionals to meet their goals in this fast-changing & highly competitive environment?

2017/07 I Click Therefore I am

I Click Therefore I am

We were recently told by a friend it was “pretty scary” how you always seemed to see items advertised on one platform which you had viewed on another platform. At some level, it probably is disconcerting. Tracking pixels (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_beacon) are one of many ways websites repeat to users what they see on another site, in the […]

2017/04 The Ghost In The Design

The Ghost in the Design

We may think of Mobile First and Responsive Design being in answer to a mostly mobile phone accessed internet. However,  Samsung just unwrapped its new 3400 pixel monitor and kids are accessing the internet more and more from their game consoles. So how do we ensure our websites will be seen regardless of device size? Mobile Different, […]

2017/02 Digital Culture 101

Digital Culture 101

I was asked in January to give a talk to a class of students who had spent the term studying Cultural Diversity.  While you won’t be able to enjoy the excitement of actually being there – touching a old ‚brick‘ mobile phone or marvelling at the super presentation graphics – the subject of Digital Culture […]

2017/01 A Real Game Changer

A Real Game Changer

Thought your „web handicap“ was good? Well, Google will begin testing a Mobile First search index this year. What does this mean? In a nutshell, if your website is not mobile friendly – and by website I mean not only the layout and design, but also the content – your website could be indexed AFTER the website […]

2016/12 Is That An App I See Before Me?

Is That an App I See Before Me?

Remember the amazing world of Fax Marketing? Mobile phones that only dialed numbers? The first website you worked with? How did we manage before all this tech came along? Obviously not very well, because soon afterwards the App arrived. Google and Apple opened their app stores in 2008 and today we spend most of our […]

2016/11 The Student In The Machine

The Student in the Machine

A recent article in Times Higher Education addressed big data and student recruitment. A very timely article. During the recent US election campaign, President Donald Trump spent considerably more of his budget on big data voter research (this is not polling) than Hillary Clinton. Some of his money went to Cambridge Analytica whose clients have included the UK Ministry […]